• Melting point: 2,130 °C (3,870 °F; 2,400 K)
  • Firestop Products and Systems | 3M United States

    In addition to providing light and heavy industrial facilities with a complete line of passive fire protection products and listed systems, 3M offers world-class technical support and training.

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  • Board Insulation - Fiberglass Board, Mineral Wool Board ...

    Calcium Silicate Pipe & Block Insulation - Thermo-12 ® Gold. IIG'S Thermo-12 ® Gold Calcium Silicate pipe insulation is a high temperature, abuse-resistant pipe and block insulation with exceptional structural strength for use on systems operating up to 1200 ° F (650 ° C). Thermo-12 ® Gold Calcium Silicate pipe and block insulation is the preferred product for application on high ...

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  • Calcium Silicate Board Boards Specification Technical Data

    Calcium Silicate Board is manufactured from a mixture of portland cement, fine silica, special cellulose fibers and selected fillers to impart durability, toughness, fire and moisture resistance. Calcium Silicate Sheet is cured by an autoclaving process whereby the ingredients are reacted together under the effects of super-heated steam and high pressure.

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